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The St. Vincent Declaration set a benchmark for the planning of future delivery of care for diabetes. The Declaration set the clear goal for people with diabetes of,

"a sustained improvement in health experience and life approaching normal expectation in quality and quantity."

Specific targets were included for the prevention of costly complications including,

"a reduction of new cases of blindness by 1/3rd in the five years after 1990."

Although specifically written from within Europe its goals apply worldwide.

In November 2005 a conference took place in Liverpool which reviewed progress in the prevention of visual impairment due to diabetic retinopathy since the publication of the St. Vincent target and developed a new declaration.

In May 2008 a meeting of National representatives took place in Amsterdam to review progress since 2005. A conference report is available by clicking here.

A further follow-up meeting took place in Gdansk in May 2011 to focus on specific barriers to progress including engagement with private health providers and improving affordability. A conference report is available by clicking here.

Screening for Diabetic Retinopathy in Europe. First notice of meeting. 23rd June 2016, Manchester, UK.